Learn more about Nanit’s bandwidth requirements

Bandwidth is commonly referred to as your internet speed, and can vary based on your internet service provider or service plan. Nanit requires a specific amount of bandwidth to properly maintain its live video feed, and communicate with the cloud. If needed, you can adjust your bandwidth usage settings to increase or reduce the amount of bandwidth Nanit uses.

How do I check my internet bandwidth?

To check your internet connection’s bandwidth, run an internet speed test on your mobile device, while connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Nanit. For the most helpful results, be sure to stand next to Nanit while running the test. One of the most common free apps for testing your bandwidth, is speedtest.net.

How much bandwidth is recommended for Nanit?

If your video quality is set to Best, we suggest upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps and download speeds of 1 Mbps. Although Nanit doesn’t require very much bandwidth, you may experience connection problems if your upload or download speed is below 1 Mbps, or if other devices on the network are consuming too much bandwidth. If your bandwidth is below 1 Mbps, we recommend changing your Nanit’s bandwidth usage from Best” to Eco”.

How do I change Nanit’s bandwidth usage?

In the Nanit app settings, you can toggle your camera’s bandwidth usage between Best” and Eco”. By setting your bandwidth usage to Best”, your video feed will be sharper and more detailed, but will use more bandwidth and data. 
Note: If you’re subscribed to Nanit Insights, please be aware that switching your bandwidth usage settings to Eco” will also adjust the quality of your recorded memories, but we still think they look great.
To adjust your Bandwidth usage settings:
  1. Open the Nanit app and tap the Settings tab.
  2. Tap the affected camera.
  3. Tap 'Advanced'.
  4. Switch your bandwidth usage from 'Best' to 'Eco'.

How can other devices affect my bandwidth availability?

Streaming video, playing online games, and file sharing are a few activities that may consume your network’s bandwidth. If you have multiple cameras connected to your network, this may constrain your bandwidth even more.
If you’re experiencing bandwidth issues after setting your Nanit to Eco” mode, try turning off a few internet connected devices and apps to reduce bandwidth constraints, then check your Nanit’s connection for improvements.
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