Why is my night summary getting cut off, starting late or ending early?

How Nanit Insights calculates the night summary

 If your night summary looks like it's missing some of your little ones sleeping time, here's how Nanit calculates the night summary along with a suggestion to make Insights work better.

Insights take the bedtime from your settings and looks for the first time baby was put in bed after that setting time. So this will be the beginning of the night summary. If you set bedtime to 8pm and you put baby to be at 730, then check on him/her at 1030, Nanit will see that 1030 visit and that will be the beginning of the night summary.

Insights then looks for the last time baby was taken out of bed before the setting for wakeup time, this will be the end of the night summary. So if you set your wakeup time at 7am, then you feed/check on baby at 4am, then put him/her back to be and they sleep until 8am. Insights will mark the 4am visit as the end of the night summary since baby slept past the wakeup time.

The easy adjustment would be to provide a wider range for your sleep setting. (e.g. 1 hour before and after his/her normal sleep schedule)

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