How do I activate Nanit Insights?

Nanit Insights is a paid 1-year subscription service that supercharges your Nanit camera by transforming it into an Intelligent Sleep Guru with advanced cloud algorithms. Whether you’ve already purchased Nanit Insights or are thinking about buying, the steps below will help you activate your subscription and start tracking your baby’s sleep.

Have an activation code?

When you purchase Nanit Insights from our online store, you’ll receive an activation code via the email address you used during the checkout process. If you used the same email address to purchase Nanit Insights and create your Nanit account, your activation code will be immediately available from the Nanit app. 
When you’re ready to activate your Nanit Insights subscription, visit to enter your activation code and start monitoring your baby’s sleep.
To enter your activation code:
  1. Locate your activation code
  2. Visit
  3. In the My cameras’ section, find your baby’s camera and select Add Nanit Insights’
  4. Below the plans section, enter your activation code into the Have an activation code?’ field and click Apply’

Don’t have an activation code?

Even without a Nanit Insights subscription, you'll be able to use Nanit’s camera and access its high-quality live stream wherever there’s Internet. However, without an Insights subscription, you won’t be able to view ongoing sleep analytics, summaries, trends, and highlights. If you’re ready to supercharge your Nanit with advanced sleep tracking and reporting, you’re in the right place.
To activate Nanit Insights:
  1. Visit
  2. In the My cameras’ section, find your baby’s camera and select Add Nanit Insights’
  3. In the plans section, choose the Nanit Insights plan that best fits your needs
Not sure which plan to choose? Click here to learn more about the features included with each plan.
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