Camera/FloorStand Assembly

Assembling the Nanit stand is simple, and can be completed in a few steps. The best part is, Nanit does not require any special tools for assembly. 

1. Download the free Nanit app and create your account

Download the Nanit app from the Apple App Store if you’re using an iOS device, or from the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android device. The app is free, and supported on most devices. Once you’ve downloaded the app, registering your account can be completed in a few easy steps.

You can see if your device meets the system requirements, find links to download the app, and learn how to register your account here.

2. Remove the Nanit camera from the box

Carefully lift the Nanit camera out of the box and set it aside with the camera facing up to avoid scratching the lens.

3. Assemble the stand

Nanit’s stand is made up of four poles that interconnect. Build the stand from top to bottom, being careful not to pull the power cable out of the stand. If you have trouble inserting the curved pole into the straight pole, try twisting the straight pole from side to side until the two poles connect.

4. Screw the legs to the stand

Nanit includes two 2.5 lb legs that attach to the base of the stand. With the Nanit stand in a laying position, carefully screw each leg to the base of the stand. Once the legs have been attached, carefully lift the stand into an upright position.

5. Connect the L-shaped channel to stand

With Nanit in a standing position, carefully feed the USB cable through the L-shaped channel, then connect the L-shaped channel to the base of the stand.

6. Connect cable management channels

Carefully feed Nanit’s USB cable through the first cable management channel, then connect it to the L-shaped channel. Feed the USB cable through the remaining cable management channel, then connect it to the previous channel.

7. Connect electrical cord

Connect the end of the USB cable to Nanit’s power adapter. Then, plug the adapter into a nearby wall outlet.

8. Attach camera to stand

Carefully attach the Nanit camera to the stand by inserting the pins on the top of the stand into the back of the camera. When connected properly, the camera should snap onto the stand.

9. Place Nanit against the wall

To get the best view of your baby’s crib and ensure our analytics function at their very best, place Nanit against the wall at the planned center of the crib.

10. Secure Nanit with the U-Clip

Nanit includes a U-Clip and two screws for mounting Nanit to the wall. For the most secure and stable position, secure the U-Clip on the stand, and screw the clip to the wall 32 inches from the floor.

11. Pair the camera using the Nanit app

Now that your Nanit is assembled and mounted, you’re ready to pair the camera to your account. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to pair. If you require assistance along the way, check out our pairing guide here.

12. Adjust the camera angle and tighten

By loosening the knob near Nanit’s camera, you can pivot the camera up or down, and left or right. This is especially handy when positioning your crib during the pairing process, or adjusting the camera after receiving crib positioning notifications. 

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