Camera/Wall Mount assembly


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Before You Get Started

What’s in the box


The Nanit Wall Mount does require some tools to assemble. Here is a list of tools you’ll need:

Getting Started

First, let’s make sure that your Nanit will get a strong Wi-Fi signal in your nursery.


1. Place the Wall Mount down in an upright position and attach the Nanit Camera. When you feel a click, the camera is properly connected.


2. Connect the Wall Mount USB to the power adapter, and plug the adapter into your electrical outlet. Within less than a minute, you should see a flashing light from the back of the camera.

3. Open the Nanit app and tap register to create your account, or log in if you already have one. Once you’re logged in, follow the in-app instructions to continue the setup process. 

4. Once your camera is successfully paired with your Wi-Fi network, unplug the power adapter from your outlet and remove the Nanit Camera from the Wall Mount for an easier installation.


Now that we have your Nanit successfully paired with your Home Wi-Fi we can begin the assembly of your Wall Mount.


1. Use the mounting template to mark the anchor hole on the wall.

2. Drill a hole. Use the anchor and the screw to hang the bracket.

This will help us figure out where the rest of our holes should go!

3. Adjust wall bracket angle by using the included level. Mark the bottom 2 anchor holes.

4. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall using provided anchors and screws.

5. It’s time to attach your Wall Mount.

6. Wipe the wall to remove dust from drilling. Then, attach the 6 cable covers to the wall straight down.

7. Choose the left or right elbow joint depending on where your power outlet is located. Attach elbow joint.

8. Start to attach the horizontal cable covers.

9. Repeat for remaining cable covers until complete.

10. Attach the end cap.

11. Snap the Camera into the Wall Mount until you feel a click. Plug the power adapter into your outlet. You should see your Night Light begin to flash and Live Stream return to the Nanit App within a minute.

12. Ta-da! You’re up and running, and ready to put your crib back in place. Once your crib is back in place, continue following the in-app instructions to make sure your crib is positioned correctly.

Removal Process

Need to move or remove your Nanit? No Problem.

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