Learn how to control your Nanit with Amazon Echo/Alexa on iOS

 Note: If you're using an Android device, please click here.
How does Amazon Echo/Alexa work with Nanit

Nanit is the only video monitor that puts your baby's sleep development right in your hands. And now, with our Amazon Alexa integration, you can go hands-free. You can ask Alexa how your baby slept, what time they woke up, or even how many times you took them out of the crib each night. Alexa keeps you and the whole parenting team on the same page, all without lifting a finger.

In seconds, you'll be able to ask Alexa things like:

“Alexa, ask My Nanit, how was Lilly's night?”
“Alexa, ask My Nanit, what time did Lily fall asleep last night?”
“Alexa, ask My Nanit, when did Lily wake up?”
"Alexa, ask My Nanit, how long did Lilly sleep last night?"

With Alexa, Nanit is smarter than ever, making it easier for you to understand your baby's night, so that baby - and the whole family - can get more sleep.
Visit www.nanit.com to learn more about Nanit. To download the Nanit app for iOS click here.

How do I set up Amazon Echo/Alexa to work with my Nanit?

Step 1: Download the Alexa app for iOS here. Then lunch the Alexa App 

Step 2: Choose "Skills" from the app menu.



Step 3: Search for "Nanit" in the search box and tap on the "Nanit" skill.


Step 4: Tap Enable Skill.

Step 5: Enter your Nanit email address and password to link the account.

Step 6: You are ready to use the "Nanit" skill on Amazon Echo/Alexa.


Step 7: Now that your accounts are linked, try saying “Alexa, ask My Nanit, how was (your baby's name) night?”


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