Sleep Tips & Sleep Dashboard

What is a personalized Sleep Tip?

Using the data we gather about your baby’s sleeping patterns, our smart algorithms can detect and understand what are your baby’s opportunities for improvement when it comes to sleeping: Is she capable of putting herself back to sleep? Does he take a long time to fall asleep at the beginning of the night? Nanit can understand your child’s behavior and send you personalized sleep coaching tips with detailed graphs and action items to help your baby, and yourself, get a better night’s sleep.


What is the Sleep Dashboard?

The Sleep Dashboard is the weekly summary of your baby's sleep sent to you via email. It gives you the averages of his or her weekly sleep metrics and compares your baby's sleep to the sleep of babies all over the world based on the results of published sleep research studies. It also shows you the optimal range of the different sleep metrics.


What are the requirements for receiving a Sleep Tip? 

Sleep Tips are available for active Nanit Insights subscribers. To receive a Sleep Tip your child’s age must be included in the app. Tips are provided for babies who are 4 months or older. A minimum of 4 nights a week with a minimum of 5 hours of sleep per night is required for a tip to be generated.


Where can I find my Sleep Tips?

Sleep Tips are sent in-app to your “Inbox”. We also send tips to the email linked to your Nanit account.


When will I receive a Sleep Tip?

Sleep tips are generated every Monday and are based on the week prior. Please note that you will only receive a Sleep tip if your Nanit identifies an area that could be improved.


Can I opt out of Sleep Tips?

Yes, you can opt out of Sleep Tips by tapping on the tip you no longer want to receive, scrolling to the bottom of the tip and tapping “Opt-out of receiving this tip”. You can opt back into receiving Sleep Tips from the settings menu.



Have questions or feedback for us? 

Tap on any tip, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Give feedback”. Here you can give us feedback and report inaccuracies.



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