Can I still hear my baby without having the app open/screen locked on my phone?

We know that you have other things to do on your phone while you’re using Nanit to listen to your baby. We’ve made the Nanit app so you can listen in all the time while doing other things. The background sound will even continue to play when your screen is off.


The default setting for this feature is turned off. When you’re ready to listen in, simply tap on "Live" in the lower left corner. Here is where you can toggle the live audio on background_audio_on_icon.png, background audio on background_on_icon.pngand all muted background_mute_icon.png by tapping the speaker icon. 

background_audio_on.pngAudio On Screen
background_mute.pngMute All Screen
background_on.pngBackground Audion On Screen

**While using the feature, you can use your 4G data quickly if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or your phone switches to 4G while using it!


If you’re using another app that requires sound (Games, music, etc) the background audio won’t come through because the active app takes precedence over any background apps. Once the game/video is over, Nanit's background audio sounds will start playing again.

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