What about radiation – how does Nanit’s monitor handle that?

Nanit Camera is equipped with baby-safe technology that directs microwave radiation away from infants. In fact, Nanit directs 10 times less radiation in the direction of the child than in any other direction (and far less radiation than popular home devices like a TV or computer).



How does the wifi deflection work?
The antenna design allows 10x fewer radio waves in the direction the camera is facing.

Where are the waves deflected to?
The radio waves are deflected to the sides of the camera and away from your baby.

What happens when the camera is tilted or on Multi-Stand? Does the deflection angle change? Yes, the waves will be directed to the sides of the camera according to the camera angle. There will be 10x fewer radio waves in the direction the camera is facing.

What tests were done and what can be shown to prove that the baby-safe technology works?  The results of Nanit Camera's FCC compliance can be seen here: https://www.nanit.com/legal/compliance



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