Crib positioning & camera placement

Nanit’s stand is versatile and can be used alongside most cribs. However, we do have some suggestions when it comes to positioning your baby’s crib and Nanit. The following tips will help you ensure the safety of your baby while using Nanit, and the most accurate results while using Nanit Insights.

Click here for assembly instructions for the Floor-Stand and here for the Wall-Mount.

Set up near a wall outlet

Nanit plugs into the wall using a USB power adapter. When choosing a spot for your baby’s crib, make sure there’s a wall outlet nearby. We do not suggest the use of extension cords since loose cords pose a safety risk for your baby. This is why we designed Nanit with concealed cables. 

Check the crib's clearance

The legs of Nanit’s stand are designed to slide underneath your baby’s crib. This ensures that Nanit sits evenly and safely against the wall while providing a clear view of the crib area. If the base of the crib is less than seven inches from the floor, be sure to leave a small gap between the backside of the crib and Nanit. For best results, gently press your baby’s crib towards Nanit until the base of the crib begins to touch Nanit’s legs.

Place against the wall

The Nanit stand is designed to be mounted against the wall, this ensures that Nanit is in the most secure position. If there is a frame or object hanging on the wall near the center of your baby’s crib, be sure it’s positioned 6’ or higher to avoid obstructing the installation of Nanit’s stand.

Center of the crib

To get the best view of your baby’s crib and ensure our analytics function at their very best, we recommend placing Nanit near the center of your baby’s crib.

Parent pickup zone/Crib area/Motion area

In order for Nanit to know when you’re visiting or taking your baby out of the crib, you must leave about 10 to 12 inches of space alongside the crib. Additionally, Nanit requires a full view of the crib area to properly monitor your baby. The image to the right shows a properly positioned crib.

If you’re having trouble positioning the crib, try moving the dotted line by pinching and dragging over the crib image. You can also adjust the angle of the Nanit camera by loosening the knob near the top of the stand, and positioning the camera. Once you’ve properly adjusted the angle, be sure to tighten the knob.

After completing the set up for Nanit, if you ever move your crib and need to reposition the parent pickup zone/crib area you can adjust this setting in your Nanit App. 

  • Open your Nanit App
  • Select your Settings icon
  • Select the Nanit camera you wish to reposition
  • Select Position Crib

Move or remove items that hang over the crib

Nanit needs full visibility of the crib to properly monitor and track your baby’s activities. While mobiles are acceptable (as long as they are located at the side of the crib), other objects that may obstruct Nanit’s view should be removed. For example, a stuffed lion, as in the picture below, is a problem, while the mobile does not cause any problems. If you have a mosquito net over your child’s crib, try placing the Nanit’s camera inside.

Note: We do not recommend the use of bumpers in your baby's crib.

To learn more about how to safely assemble and secure Nanit, see our floor stand assembly guide here.

Avoid pointing light at Nanit

Nanit is great at monitoring your baby in all types of lighting, including the dark. However, directing or reflecting bright light at Nanit could cause problems with its view of your baby. If you have any lights or reflecting light pointed at Nanit, please redirect the light to avoid pointing it directly at the camera lens.

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