What do the different behaviors of the status/night light stand for?

Nanit’s night light acts as a status indicator after power up and during the pairing process. After plugging in Nanit to power, the camera will take about 30 seconds to start up, then indicate the connection status via the night light:

  • When Nanit finds a previously paired network and connects, the night light will turn on for ten seconds, then fade off.
  • If Nanit is unable to find your network, the night light will blink in one second intervals for up to 60 seconds as it continues to search. If a connection cannot be established in that time, the night light will stop blinking and turn off.

If needed, you can have Nanit search again by tapping the Wi-Fi pairing button on the back of the camera. When pressed, the night light will blink in half second intervals for 5 minutes, then fade to off if a connection cannot be established.

If you're having trouble connecting Nanit to your network, check out our troubleshooting steps here.

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