Edit your baby's Sleep Data/Summary

If you notice that the sleep metrics in your dashboard are incorrect, you can manually edit them. When you make sure your baby's sleep data is accurate it means that the sleep tips you'll get will be more relevant to your baby. 
To edit the sleep metrics open your Nanit app and go to your dashboard tab. Using the date picker find the day you want to edit. Then in the upper right part of the night summary tap the three dot icon to open a menu, then pick "Edit sleep data". 
You'll be taken to a screen in which you can edit:
- The time your baby was put to bed
- The time your baby was taken out of bed
- How long your baby slept
- How long it took your baby to fall asleep (sleep onset)
- How many times you visited him in bed (Check-in visit)
- How many times you picked him up during the night (Out of bed visit)
You can edit all of the metrics or just a few of them.
When you're done editing, tap on 'Save' in the upper right corner. You'll be prompted to "Report wrong data" - which means that you allow our smart algorithms to look at this specific night again to improve our algorithms and overall accuracy. 
After that, your changes will be saved and visible on the dashboard. If you tap on a metric that you edited, you'll see that it is marked as "Edited" - letting you know that you manually entered this data. 
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